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 Jewel walks out of Derby

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PostSubject: Jewel walks out of Derby   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:23 am

Paul Jewell quit as manager of Derby County on Sunday night after fans turned on him following a disappointing defeat in his 50th League game in charge.

Jewell ended an unsuccessful 13 months at Pride Park after Jon Walters' goal sentenced Derby to a sixth defeat in nine games and angry supporters chanted 'Jewell Out"

It's getting harder and harder to manage in England these days. The job is certainly not for the faint of heart. I can understand walking out on a point of principle if a manager has a disagreement with the board or the owner, but why get into management if the fans can chase you away.

Or is there a sea change going on in English football where economic rewards for wining put so much pressure on managers that they can't afford to lose.

Or is it the recession that are making supporters more demanding, having paid through the nose for tickets, they expect their team to give them their moneys worth.

I can't see the point in booing your team or your team's players. No matter how bad United have played over the years, and at times I have been disappointed with their performance and upset with certain players feeling that they are not United quality, I have never booed them off the pitch.

I like Paul Jewel and felt he was a decent manager, but this is not the first time Jewel has walked out on a club (Wigan) and you wonder whether he should just pack it in

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PostSubject: Re: Jewel walks out of Derby   Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:32 pm

I always felt it was a strange job for him to take.

Derby were doomed for relegation when he took over and never really kicked the loosing habit during those last days in the premiership when a new manager sometimes has a "new management" effect.

I wonder if this means he is going to be spending more time on his video hobby?

He (Pogba) will score. United are going to use him like Chelsea used Lampard. You watch. Red 07Aug16
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Jewel walks out of Derby
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