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 2nd Thoughts

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PostSubject: 2nd Thoughts   Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:07 pm

It seems naming my fantasy team "InjuryFreeSeason" is turning into a mistake!

I am starting to rival Chelsea in players out injured with Berbatov and Lampard added to the list this weekend.

Having used my wild card I am in big trouble this weekend - do I spend points on extra transfers or play with 8 or 9 players who might actully start?

Oh the pain of seeing my lead over taken by the one man team that is Ronaldo pale

He (Pogba) will score. United are going to use him like Chelsea used Lampard. You watch. Red 07Aug16
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Thoughts   Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:55 pm

I think it is definitely worth taking the point penalty, no matter how many it takes when a player WILL DEFINITELY not play. Think about it. It costs you 4 points per transfer. If the player you put in PLAYS, thats 2 of those points automatically recouped. If you need to make more than one change, taking out a player like Lampard, with his value, will allow you to bring in better players.

I have Lampard but have made a couple of changes already. Can you clarify how many Premier League match weeks he will miss, so I can ponder making the extra transfers on top of the ones I have already. I have found some info saying he is expected to be fit.If not, if its only the one, I may leave him on the bench since I already have an 8 point fall to make. Red, what about Rooney?? Is he still out? I dunno how you guys find out the gossip on seems news sources dont have much access...well bbc sport at least.

But I advise you make all the 4 point losses you need, since like I say, a player that plays recoups two anyway, and then an assist or goal will put you in the plus.
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Thoughts   Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:34 am

Sorry I only just saw this thread.

Injuries has devastated a lot of teams last week, of the 15 players I only had 10 that played. Shame the game doesn't let me use my backup keeper as a sub for an outfield player. This week the same situation arose but Hamann was brought on for the last 9 minutes and I ended up with a full 11 getting points. In a way we got lucky with the 0-0 draws this weekend there wasn't a lot of points out there and playing with a couple players short or having to use your bench didn't hurt as much as it would if there had been a lot of goals this week.

Not sure about taking the point hits to replace injured players. I have Berbatov on my bench because he is only going to miss one game maybe the City derby as well and don't want to get rid of him. If I find out he is not playing against City I will use my one free transfer to bring someone else in for one week and get Berbatov back the next week. Zaki is another I don't know what to do with he's missed two games and has been playing hurt for a couple before that, but if I sell him, I will get a lot less than the price he is going for know and will not be able to buy him back.

If the injury is serious and the player will miss a lot of games than get rid of him. Or if you were thinking of moving him anyway, the point hit is not that bad, but to transfer someone out this week and bring him back next week, it's not worth the point hit.

Ideally you should have a couple of players on your bench that are going to play. There are a number of cheap defenders, who regularly play 90 minutes and get the odd clean sheet and assist or goal. You don't want to play with them all the time, but they come in handy if you money players are injured or suspended.

I find out about injuries and probably lineups by checking a couple of fantasy football sites. I have posted these links before.

Both these sites are run by people who are basically professional fantasy leaguers and their information about probable lineups and injuries is usually spot on.

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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Thoughts   

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2nd Thoughts
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