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 Fantasy League Report Week 8

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PostSubject: Fantasy League Report Week 8   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:38 pm

In a week when the big four scored 15 goals between them it is always likely a manager or two will hit the big time in point scoring and sure enough two of our managers are singing to the tune of 80+ points this week.

The manager of ZingoBingo has been singing what can only be described as a song that would rival Joe Pasquale’s “I know a song that will get on your nerves” with his “I got 86 points, I got 86 points!” He had the masterstroke of making Rooney his captain late on Friday night after signing him n releasing the injured Torres and that move was to benefit his team by 30 points. Zaki who is scoring for fun most weeks did so again at Anfield for another 10 points (Why he didn’t get a bonus?) and evergreen Frank Lampard scored again to total up another 11 points. Two clean sheets from defenders and the loss of Cech in goal replaced by Schwarzer brought another 7 points. Then we have the goal from Riera in the Anfield game and u have a point grabbing machine called ZingoBingo. I believe it’s the highest week total we have had from anyone so far. Brilliant!

Not far behind with a weekly total of 80 points is United 4Ever who also benefited from the outstanding game Rooney had at the weekend. Add Berbatov’s goal n assist, Ronaldo’s goal and the inclusion of Schwarzer you can see why this team found high points too. Zaki again found points abnd even Fabregas chipped in with a assist. An all round excellent team week!

The above two teams have cut into InjuryFreeSeasons lead at the top of our table like hot knife through Butter. There is no doubt that the manager of this team made a huge mistake changing his captain for the week, but also suffered a sending off lots of bookings an injury to a new player and a forward line that fired blanks all weekend. 47 points was mainly made up by Lampard and some defenders getting clean sheets.

Conservatives are such a soiled team they can afford to have players on the bench scoring 10 points. Rory Delap’s ten points will be lost if Wright-Phillips plays in tonights game, but at the time of writing this the team still managed to score 60 points. Lampard’s 11 was doubled up for 22 and that all big four defence brought in another 15. Zaki is like a postman each week delivering points & with Man city still to play tonight there could be more to come.

After many weeks of high scoring the form side that is SpiderPig XL had a quite week. The loss of Santa Cruz for the week was a blow and with the free scoring Adebayor and Defoe both firing blanks, it hits the weekly total. Great clean sheets from Rio Bosingwa and David James helped boost the total. Kompany should play in tonights game so there is a chance of more points there. The talented midfield could only muster 9 points between 4 players.

Simplemen’s forwards were also in the blank firing range this weekend and like many others this week have suffered. Adebayor Agbonlahor and Carlton Cole only produced 5 points between them and but for Lampards continued point making this week could have been a disaster for the Simplemen. With that said they have the most players in tonights game with Kompany counting from their bench cause of Gallas missing Arsenals game and Ireland who is made captain for the night. Fingers crossed on a great night for City.

There is no doubt that when Man Utd play weaker opposition Ronaldo always gets extra points and making him captain is a sure fire way of boosting your teams total. ABCDE FC have done this and his 16 points have fired up a very good total for the weekend. Lampard and Zaki scoring 11 n 10 respectively and 4 from the sent off Valencia who had an assist and a 2 point bonus for his weekly total before the ending off. Schwarzer added 7 points for keeping a clean sheet against Sunderland (Ref Assisted) and with Richard Dunne in the heart of the Man City defence tonight there is every chance of more points to the weekly 60 so far.

It seems each week when I come to look at what K-Class did over the weekend I see bad luck n players under performing. Take this week. Evra is subbed before half time and United go on for a clean sheet, so K-Class miss out on 5 points there. Thankfully Ronaldo and Zaki scored and pushed the weekly total up. Another strong showing from Wright-Phillips will help make this week a more respectable total.

55 points from Sharples FC is a good effort after the loss of Santa Cruz and they was another to benefit from Ronaldo’s points being doubled up through the captaincy. Berbatov gave a nice return of 11 points too, but like others who had Valencia his sending off hurt. If Hamann of Man City plays tonight his points will count after the loss of Cruz. Fabregas open goal miss that became a assist was another nice 5 points. The ever popular reserve Keeper Schwarzer again will kick in after Cech’s injury.

A much stronger showing this week from West Spam United with two forwards scoring 10+ points. Berbatov and Zaki were nice efforts and the captain (Ronaldo) brought another 16. No need for me to speak again about the bad luck of Evra and Valencia, but its nice to see Johnson of pompy with a clean sheet. A rare clean sheet from Jaaskelainen of Bolton was given this manager the chance to break 60 points for the week if Kompany plays tonight.

Spotlight on Sharples FC

The manager of Sharples FC have battled all season looking for that balanced side that brings in consistent points throughout the weeks. Names like Lampard Tevez Wheater and Deco have all been in at sometime and in Fabregas case he has been signed twice!

Currently the squad is finding good totals each week and shows signs of being a team on the move up the table.

The ever popular twosome of Petr Cech and Mark Schwarzer make up the keepers and showed how valuable a pair they are when the understudy stepped in and gained 7 points from a clean sheet.

In defence there are no stars as the budget is spent elsewhere in the squad. Paintsil of Fulham Corluka of Spurs and Figueroa of Wigan are all players that are first choice for their clubs. Cort of Stock and Barnett of WBA are players who seem to be in and out of their teams.

In midfield Sharples FC have their linchpin in the form of Ronaldo. He will gain good points almost very week. Fabregas of Arsenal who is around 40 points less than this time last year, but still a good choice. Valencia of Wigan is proving to be a popular with the managers in our league and Marney of Hull is a player who gets a lot of air time on the pitch, but Hamann of Man City is a player who has only played 180mins all season.

Up front Adebayor of Arsenal leads the way and so far this season with 47 points. Berbatov and Santa Cruz are the other forwards, and I am sure this manager will be hoping the latter gets some form for both Sharples and Blackburn.

I think this is a good squad of players that relies on the two Man Utd players to be consistent every week. I feel certain Sharples FC will move up the table, so watch out you managers just above them!

He (Pogba) will score. United are going to use him like Chelsea used Lampard. You watch. Red 07Aug16
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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy League Report Week 8   Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:18 pm

A number of teams in our league had another good week. It used to tell you what position the league was in over all but don't see that this time. But I believe we must have jumped a number of positions the last two weeks.

Still room for improvement and a lot of times it's in picking the right captain, I personally would have done better with Rooney than Ronaldo. Plus sometimes we keep the wrong player on the bench. I left Delap on the bench and lost his 10 points and went with L. Young on defense a player a transferred yesterday and he got one point.

I am thinking about a transfer wonder what your thoughts are.

Fabregas and Denilson out Lampard and Ireland in. Have to take a four point hit, but is it worth it. I think it is.

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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy League Report Week 8   Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:29 pm

Redcanuck wrote:

Fabregas and Denilson out Lampard and Ireland in. Have to take a four point hit, but is it worth it. I think it is.
This is worth it based solely on the points Lampard will bring in. He is worth Fabregas and Denilson on his own. Its a no brainer Red!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy League Report Week 8   

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Fantasy League Report Week 8
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