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 Ken Buchanan

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PostSubject: Ken Buchanan   Tue May 19, 2009 12:57 am

Not sure if many of you have ever heard of Ken Buchanan, a couple of the older members most likely, but the younger ones probably not. But this story about Ken Buchanan made me sad. I know boxing is a cruel sport and a lot of champions end up broke and busted up, but Buchanan was a classy fighter and a dominant force in the lightweight division 35-40 years ago. He never should have sunk so low that he is contemplating coming out of retirement at 63 to fight in unlicensed fights.

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PostSubject: Re: Ken Buchanan   Wed May 20, 2009 12:32 am

Around 15 years ago I was playing golf in a group behind another group which Ken was in their number. Looked bloody fit from what I remember.

Its the same old story and I am afriad most of these fighters bring it on themselves.

There was a guy in the 80's called Kirkland Lang - I dont know if anyone remembers him - but he beat Roberto Duran in the states and was probably the most gifted British boxer I have ever seen.

After he won that fight - The boxing world was at his feet - what he did after that fight I believe to this day Micky Duff still calls the biggest waste of a chance to make a fortune - He went AWOL dissapeared into the American Black underworld where he got drugged up in did whatever the blacm movement did at that time in the states.

15 years later he was still trying to be a world champion - needing the money - became Euro champion - was offered a fight in Italy for his belt - Duff advised - Never in Italy - but the money was more - Lang took the fight - lost his belt on a pathetic decision - and any chance he had of getting a world title shot.

Last I heard he was a spaced out pothead.

I am sure there will be others - one of the reasons I respect Lennox Lewis - Retired - and stayed retired - until the money runs out?

He (Pogba) will score. United are going to use him like Chelsea used Lampard. You watch. Red 07Aug16
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Ken Buchanan
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